Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mac's Law by Sarah McCarty

Mac's Law (Unchained, #1)Mac's Law by Sarah McCarty
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Mac Hollister thinks he has had another no show on the cook he has hired for his ranch, while waiting in the town bar he spots a stunning woman who seems completely out of her element in all her refinery. Jessica Sterns has patiently been waiting for her new boss to arrive so she can get to work, when Mac intervenes after a local comes on too strong she finds that she may have just found her first lover in the flesh.

When Mac realizes the minx with an attitude in front of him is actually his new cook, who he thought was a man, he flatly tells her to get on the bus and head out of town. Jessica wont let the fact that she is a woman stand in her way of a new life, not one to stand done she turns the table on Mac citing a violation of her contract if he refuses. All Mac has to do is get through is two weeks before he can send her on her way, but it only takes a few minutes in her company to know he wants her forever.

Loved this book, it is raw and intense. Jessica is an innocent in only one way, but the rest of her is pure Vixen. I have to say the way Sarah McCarty wrote Mac just oozes charisma. This is one book you have to clear your calendar and just plan on sitting and reading, because you can't wait to see what happens next.

**Reread, this is a fantastic read, a sizzler to be sure. Mac keeps a lot of his emotions in except when it comes to the bedrooom. Loved Jessie she is a breath of fresh air.

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