Friday, May 11, 2012

Rough Cut by Mari Carr

Rough CutRough Cut by Mari Carr
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hollywood bad boy, Ty Ransome is ready to change his persona from action star to serious role candidate. When he reads a book of short stories, he sees his chance at changing in his grasp. Inviting the mysterious author to his home to work on the script is his first step.

Gwen is a little overwhelmed with the idea of her book becoming a movie, it holds personal meaning to her and her fear that it won't be accepted by others. Forming a unique relationship first over the phone and than in person, Ty seems to understand her more than she does herself, but can she trust him. When Ty suggests they recreate the theme of the different stories for the first time Gwen holds an ounce of hope that Ty will be the one who can give her what she truly needs.

Excellent story, I could not remember it enough to write a review but an fantastic reread. Gwen is vulnerable and you understand from the beginning that it is causing her to hedge where Ty is concerned. Ty is swoon worthy, there is one part in this book that really was beautiful in the beginning of his courthip of Gwen, although Gwen doesn't realize it yet.

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