Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rock Chick Revenge by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Revenge (Rock Chick, #5)Rock Chick Revenge by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One life altering moment has Ava vowing that the next time she sets eyes on childhood friend Luke, he will see a different movement. See Ava although always beautiful,struggled with her weight and after overhearing some vicious comments about her and Luke she vowed that never again would it be embarrassing to be seen together. Now Luke, never cared how Ava looked, he thought she was beautiful inside and out.

Eight years later Ava has sought out Luke, who she heard was a private investigator needing his help at getting revenge when it comes to her best friends soon to be ex-husband, the cheating rat. It only takes one minute though as she walks through the door of the Nightingale offices to realize she is not ready to see Luke and tries a quick retreat, however Luke wants answers from Ava not to mention her in his bed.

Things are only heating up as Ava finds herself being sought after by four different men, including Luke. Not to mention she has been kidnapped and seems to be the center of havoc in all different directions. With the help of the Rock Chicks, Ava is thrown from one situation to the next but the only thing she continuously is running from is her feelings for Luke, but he plans to extract them from her in all sorts of creative manners.

I am torn between if Lee or Luke is my favorite, Luke is heart melting and swoon worthy. I loved this story it is a 50/50 on which one is my favorite.

**Reread I would say this is a 50/50 on which is my favorite. Luke is a man you go gaga over, intense, straight speaking, and head over heels for Ava, she just doesn't know it.

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