Thursday, May 17, 2012

May: Spring Cleaning

When I think of Spring Cleaning, I imagine something new and fresh.  Sometimes we let ourselves go due to stress, love of food (in my case), comfort, etc.  I chose Noah for another selection to May's theme because the heroine has let herself get run down and has some self cleaning to do in order to get back on her feet.

Noah (5th Street, #1)Noah by Elizabeth Reyes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After her mother's death, Veronica "Roni" Cruz has spent the last several months depressed and steadily gaining weight, which adds to the depression. Her best friend is tired of seeing her continue to hide at home and forces her to try a free week of training at 5th Street Gym.

Noah Quintanilla has been waiting for his chance to become a trainer at the gym, he is not sure if training a sad looking Roni is a the opportunity he is looking for but is willing to put all his effort into it. What begins as a trainer/client relationship soon blossoms to a strong friendship and Noah finds himself falling for Roni. Roni is gunshy about getting involved with Noah because of the vast age difference, but Noah has had a tough life and although their is an 8 year age difference he has seen more than most older men and has set goals in mind, winning Roni's heart and training for a boxing title.

I was unsure at first on this one, not realizing about the age difference but it really didn't matter. Noah did not seem like a twenty year old in this story, he seems wise beyond his years. Great story, loved the weight loss aspect.

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