Monday, May 14, 2012

Music For The Muse

Each month Jodie will present a few songs to choose from. You then have to pick a song and write a scene or a story concept. It’s only for a bit of fun. The writing isn’t polished or perfected, its just a chance to let the muse run wild and come up with some great ideas. There are no limitations, so if you are interested in taking part please do. If you have your own blog or website please link your post to the linky below and if you don’t feel free to leave your writing challenge in the comments section at the MUSIC FOR THE MUSE post on Riverina Romantics.

I love this idea, just brilliant. 

Here is my choice: Fight For You by Jason Derulo  ...I went with the beginning of a story I was tossing around once I heard this song.

Luke watched his brother Dylan walk into the gym, scanning the premises like a well-seasoned cop looking for anything out of the ordinary.  His attention caught on the solitary figure towards the back who was intensely punching jabs at the heavy bag hanging from the ceiling.  Covered in sweats and a hoodie, he could not tell who it was but the small frame indicated youthfulness. 

“Who’s the kid?” Dylan asked watching intently.

“No one you know.” Luke diverted.  “No criminals to put behind bars today?”

“Not yet, give it time.” Dylan retorted with a smirk, not phased by Luke. “So, you want to tell me about the kid.”

“Nope.” Luke responded.

“I can find out for myself, you know it is what I do.” Dylan challenged, although his body shrugged his intent was clear in the crisp tone of his voice.

“Leave it alone.” Luke warned.

Dylan redirected his gaze to the punching bag getting wailed on.  The form was off but the intent was clear, someone had a lot of rage pent up inside. Given Luke’s reaction to his inquiry , Dylan figured it meant trouble which involved him.

“Luke, you want to tell me what is going on?” Dylan asked again.

“I have it handled.  If you don’t have any other reason to be here, than I have work to do.” Luke answered putting an end to the conversation, one thing that could erupt faster than an active volcano was Luke’s temper.

“I did have a reason actually, Mom wants you over for dinner tonight.   She says you have not  been by in a couple weeks and is worried about her baby boy.”

“Got plans, I’ll call her though.” 

“Hot date?” Dylan asked only getting a smile from Luke that did not quite reach it’s full potential.  Luke was hiding something and it had something to do with the kid.  “Okay then, see you later.”

Luke knew Dylan wasn’t going to drop it and he did not Maggie caught unaware.  He glanced over at Maggie covered in sweats and a hoodie, sheltering who she really was. He had spent the last two weeks helping her heal.  Finding Maggie laying behind his gym two weeks ago had been a bit of a shock.   He knew who she was immediately knowing she lived on the outskirts of The Dalles, her family had a history of problems that stemmed from one generation to the next, never breaking the cycle and kept most people away.

Luke had tried to take her to a hospital, promising he would help her but Maggie had tried to run until he agreed to take her back to his house. It was hard enough keeping his anger at bay when Luke had her flinch at his touch, but once he saw the bruises that covered almost every inch of her body he had to excuse himself once she got in the shower.  He didn’t know to what extent she had been hurt, but his thoughts were the worst case scenario but Maggie’s pleading not to tell anyone had him reluctantly agreeing.  He had promised and planned to keep it, each day she had come a bit more out of her shell and Luke had suggested training her in some basic self defense and find another outlet for was eating at her, hence the bag that had become her new best friend.  If there was one thing Luke knew about it was dealing with inner rage, he had his own memories from his time in the service to let go of and a outlet filled with sweat shook even the worst of the nightmares away, at least temporarily.

Luke had always had a soft spot for Maggie, they had gone to school together but she had always kept to herself and from what he could tell, never made a true friend.  He wanted to be that for her, he hoped one day when this all got sorted out it could be something more, something about Maggie and those vulnerable green eyes the color of sage and the wispy red hair that never seemed to be tamed had wrapped around his heart, and nothing not even his brother would get in his way of protecting her.


  1. What a great piece.

    I've got a perfect scene in my head from this song too. It involves a lot band of hunky warriors.

    Thanks for participating

  2. I love this, Emily. I'm curious about Maggie's past.