Sunday, May 13, 2012

Law Man by Kristen Ashley

Law Man (Dream Man, #3)Law Man by Kristen Ashley
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When Mitch Lawson moved across from Mara Hanover's apartment four years ago, she knew then he was the man she loved. In those four years, Mara stayed her distance trying not to purposely run into Mitch and admiring him from afar.

Mitch has been waiting for a chance to get to know Mara, but she has had clear signs of hands off, first with a boyfriend and then mending her heart, until one day he sees something that says it is time. What is set to be their first date, ends up foiled, their second date (really the first do over) is ruined as Mitch catches Mara in a fretful state and helps her pick up her runaway cousins from a Stop N'Go. Things don't let up as trailer trash twins show up trying to get the kids, the Russian mob is after her cousin, and Mara is fighting her own internal demons trying to keep Mitch at a distance. Although Mitch knows what he wants and it is Mara and the kids, he plans to slay the demons and keep her safe, despite her reluctance.

I am a habitual charger, not credit cards, electronic devices, ipad, phone, kindle, etc. I freak out if it gets to 70-60% range and stop what I am doing to recharge to full power. My control over this has slipped though while reading Lawman. I let it drop to 23% trying to finish the book, that says something in itself. I could have put down the ipad and switched to kindle, but no I was so wrapped up in this story I couldn't put it down even for that. Mitch is yowza, I liked this one a lot. I found Mara different from the other characters I have read of Kristen Ashley's and liked her shy demeanor, I felt for Mitch because he did not know what was going on in her mind but was blunt about figuring it out. The kids are wonderful as well, which is a first for me for this author and often get sidelined but in this story they are they and it comes off as a real family unit. Wonderful read.

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