Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Poppy's Passion by Stephanie Beck

Poppy's PassionsPoppy's Passions by Stephanie Beck
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Growing up without love, Poppy Maguire has taken everything thrown at her with stride. When her fiancee leaves her after a miscarriage, it is just another negative that she pushes aside, her only bright spot lately is the friendship she has begun to build with Cody, Michael and Trevor Paraby. The three brothers are in town and have befriended her, she knows there reputation with women but they have not pressed her into anything more than friendship. When an incident leaves her needing comfort, she spends one night in their arms with the promise there will be more in the future.

Four months later they return, wishing they could have been there sooner and find Poppy pregnant with their babies. Cody, Trevor, and Michael are thrilled but Poppy's upbringing is making it hard for her to understand the love they are showering her with and hoping it could last.

This was actually a reread, I had not realized I had read but all the same excellent. Very detailed when it comes to the emotions of each character and I thought the way the author handles outside disruptions was practical and you could easily see it happening.

1/3 I must be addicted or something. Decided to reread again, I really like this story. This time for me Trevor stood out the most, he is blunt and humorous but also vulnerable when it comes to Poppy. Great story.

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