Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hot Summer by Judy Powell

Hot SummerHot Summer by Judy Powell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Summer Jones learned long ago that she had to stand up for herself if she wanted to get anywhere in life, although sometimes her scalding bite could be detrimental especially in the case of her jobs. When Summer is offered a job by a popular record producer, she questions his motives since he has experienced first hand the receiving end of her temper.

Lance is drawn to Summer, her blunt demeanor and hard work ethic call out to him. He can't deny the chemistry either, but Summer is sending mixed signals and he is not one to play games. When Summer finally admits to her feelings the one thing that stands in their way is her mistrust, will she be able to fully trust the man who is willing to give her everything?

I am mixed on this one, had some good concepts but was muddled with plot points that had no point. Summer was not really likable and a contradiction, the other thing about this book is I was confused about some of the characters and who they truly are. It was interesting enough that I finished it but that is about it.

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