Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dakota Ranch Crude by Leah Brooke

Dakota Ranch Crude (Dakota Heat, #2)Dakota Ranch Crude by Leah Brooke
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Samantha Cross can't believe the latest problem her brother has dumped in her lap, she has two men after her wanting money and he tried to steal a bull from his bosses and is in jail. Deciding to try and plea his case, Samantha heads to the Dakota Ranch to ask owners Jackson and Shayne Montgomery to drop the charges.

Jackson is used to beautiful women showing up at the ranch looking for a good time, but is surprised when the one before him shuts him down and asks to speak to his brother. Shayne has a reputation around town of being a brute, unfounded, but rumored and can be intimidating just from the bulk of the man he is.

Shayne doesn't know what to make of Samantha, she manages to take all of the blame for her brothers behavior, doesn't back down from him, and their is a lustful gaze at the way she looks at him she is determined to hide. Jackson knows Samantha is the one they have been waiting for, but Shayne is afraid he will hurt her sending conflicting signals to Samantha who just wants to be cherished by both.

I like this one, Shayne is one of my favorite cowboys. He has been hurt by others and is a man of few words but by the end of the book you just want to reach out and cuddle him.

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