Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wicked WInter Read-a-thon FInal Challenge

The Fight for Survival Continues

Wicked Winter Readathon
Congratulations you’ve survived the Ice Age this long – some of you were more ingenious than others. However all of you will now face one of the Ice Age’s greatest challenges: the Wicked Winter Witch.

 She has magick and uses the fierce weather and temperatures to her advantage.
How will you save yourself and the precious books you’ve managed to save and savor through this long winter? How will you defeat the Wicked Winter Witch so you can go on and fight another day until this evil Ice Age ends?

Tell me your survival strategy – and be creative, she is not an easy foe to be felled.
If you have a blog and wish to post your survival strategy there please be sure and leave a link so others may visit but also copy your strategy in the comments so I can have them all in one place.
The most creative strategy will be the winner – and victorious over the Wicked Winter Witch.

It would appear to me that the Witch is in need of a her heart.  I would travel the earth trying to find the perfect man for his icy Witch.  A man whose eyes are twinkle with vibrant mischief, whose charm is too irresistable to resist, and who would give his undying love to the woman who can capture his heart.....the only hurdle in this plan is he maybe to perfect to  give away.....

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