Thursday, February 23, 2012

Candid Camera by Susie Charles

Candid Camera (Were Watching, #1)Candid Camera by Susie Charles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Randy Trudeau has a reputation for being a love em and leave them type, whose talents in the bedroom are unparalleled. There is only one time that he allowed a woman to get away, one mind blowing kiss on New Years Eve that left him wanting more but she had left before he could even get her name.

Crissy Carter doesn't know if it is something in weather or a new strand of bad luck, she has been mugged and now someone broke into her home and assaulted her. All she wanted was to find the right man and plan for the future, now she has to wonder if there will be one if her luck doesn't change. Taking her cousins advice she hires a security company to find out if the two attacks were related.

One glimpse at Crissy and Randy has found the woman who got away, he plans to rectify it very quickly. Of course there is the matter of keeping her safe, finding out who is after her, and convincing Crissy that she is his mate which is turning out more difficult than he thought since she thinks he is a major player and herself as another notch in his bedpost.

This was a pleasant surprise, funny, romantic in a warped sense, and had a mystery that unravels that is quite a bit of fun. Definitely a lot of potential for future books in this series.

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