Saturday, February 11, 2012

Embraced by Fur by Corrine Davies

Embraced by Fur [3xtasy Lake 02]Embraced by Fur [3xtasy Lake 02] by Corrine Davies
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Agreeing to help her close friend out, Carol travels to Ecstasy Lake to watch her clinic while her friend is out of town. The timing is perfect for Carol as her ex-boyfriend has stirred up enough trouble for her and stepping back to reassess is a much needed solution.

Carol never expects to catch the eyes of Jaxon, Kaden and Sloan Henderson. The three brothers have made their interest in her known from the moment she met them, but Kaden has sent mixed signals along the way, which is causing Carol to have struggle with her insecurities.

Kaden never planned on a human mate, their frailty scares him, although the beast inside is pressing for him to claim her.

This was an interesting read, I was intrigued by the story but Kaden drained me with his ping pong behavior. Sloan was an unexpected surprise when you find out what he does for a living, never read that one before. I liked it but was lacking the sizzle I had hoped to read about.

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