Sunday, February 19, 2012

Front Page Engagement by Laura Wright

Front Page EngagementFront Page Engagement by Laura Wright
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Millionaire Trent Tanford follows a few rules in life, one of them is his stance on women, always be upfront with what he expects, which is nothing long term. Trent enjoys women, but has no plans of ever making it anything permanent. That is until is father gives him an ultimatum, marry or lose the company he has worked so hard to take over.

Carrie Gray has had it with her neighbor, his never ending line of bimbettes who mistakenly knock on her door at all hours of the night has happened one time too many. Deciding to confront the notorious playboy, the last thing she expects is Trent trying to charm her.

Trent doesn't know what it is about Carrie, but something about her has him turned upside down. Carrie is not his normal type of woman, but with a need to marry she is looking very much like what he would want in a bride, how can he convince the complex woman that she is the one?

I liked this story, thought it was fun, however one key element of the story is just dropped with no finish. I would have rated it higher if it had been resolved. Had some really fun interactions between Trent and Carrie as they realize their relationship is more than a business arrangement.

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