Monday, February 20, 2012

Shoulda Been A Cowboy by Lorelei James

Shoulda Been a Cowboy (Rough Riders, #7)Shoulda Been a Cowboy by Lorelei James
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Injured war hero and now Deputy Sheriff, Cameron McKay, strongly believes he is a half shell of a man, with a missing limb he has nothing to offer to a woman, nor does he want others carrying any slack just because he is impaired. The only woman to get him riled up in the last few years is Domini Katzinski, an immigrant from Ukraine who has had her own share of scars from her childhood, but Cam has never allowed himself to get close enough to know it.

Domini tried once to make it blatantly obvious she wanted Cam, but he rebuffed her and she has been unwilling to try again, until a little liquid courage has her trying one more time and either he will accept her offer or she is moving on.

What unfolds has a few surprises, Cam's pride is in the way of giving himself fully to Domini. Domini tells herself she only wants Cam as a lover, but each time he is with her, she wishes for something more. An unexpected twist has them both unable to communicate what they both feel for one another, causing a tension that will soon break if they both don't put their fears aside and admit they love one another.

Of course the Rough Riders series is one of the best series out there. I had shelved this one for awhile, not really enticed by the blurb on the back of the cover, but when I got a glimpse in the book prior to this I knew I had to read it next. Cam is gritty, arrogant, and so terrified by his own prejudices against how people perceive him, it really touches your soul. Domini has a way of seeing through the BS he is laying and flat out flaying him in calling him out when necessary. One of the best of the series.

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