Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rachel's Seduction by Jenny Penn

Rachel's Seduction (Cattleman's Club, #3)Rachel's Seduction by Jenny Penn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rachel Adams wants to get past writing articles that focus on the small town oddities that make her small town homes, she wants a big story that could jump start her career as a serious reporter. After she makes an appointment with the town's sheriff, she finds herself directly in line with Deputy Killian Kregor who finds himself unexpectedly smitten with the fiery tempered Rachel. What surprises Killian the most is that Rachel wants nothing to do with him and rebuffs every attempt he makes.

Deputy Adam Whitman can't believe what a spectacle his best friend and Cattleman is making of himself over the rigid reporter, that is until he is on the receiving end of a full out verbal assault from her, what Rachel does not realize is the challenge has been made and both Adam and Killian want her as part of their life even though she refuses to believe it.

I reread this one and changed my rating up to a five stars. I love the broody Adam whose own past protects his heart and the charismatic Killian whose own warped ideas of women keep getting him in trouble. Love Jenny Penn's books another fantastic book by Jenny Penn.

**OK reread again, I am a glutton for a good book. I have to say that Killian is one of my favorite men in books, the man is an idiot with the way he rationalizes everything but there is a charm to him that is difficult to resist.

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