Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Theme Day: Betrayal

I have a soft spot for books that have a form of betrayal, this can be a cheating significant other, unhealthy relationship, hiding who they truly are, hidden pregnancy....the list goes on.  A few of my favorites.

Delinquent DaddyBound and Determined (Sexy Capers #1)The Ugly DucklingTable for ThreeFantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter, #0)

Seven Secrets of Seduction (Secrets, #1)Seven Secrets of Seduction by Anne Mallory
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Miranda Chase works her Uncle's bookstore without any hesitation, for her love of books is her only true passion. Not one to step out in society, Miranda has chosen to live her life in a small literary circle, usually only reading about adventures.

When Maximilian, Viscount Downing enters the store while Miranda is fully immersed in a fascinating novel he is completely entranced by the woman with a firm tongue and independent streak. Maxim finds ways to get closer to Miranda, wanting to keep her close to his side and never let her go. But Maxim's life is filled with secrets that could destroy his greatest treasure of all, Miranda.

What a glorious read, unable to put down. My heart went out to Maxim who is a mischievous rake, but Miranda sees through his bad boy exterior and often calls his bluff. This is a one sitting book with a box of chocolate, bottle of Merlot and a cozy blanket to enjoy this treasure.

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