Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Death That Lingers by Kaylie Newell

A Death that LingersA Death that Lingers by Kaylie Newell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Josie Collins knows the next time her husband lays a hand on her it will be with her last breath in mind. On the run from the famous Rock Star Liam, she knows others can't believe she would leave him, he is famous of course, but behind closed doors he is a monster. Running to the only place she feels safe, her Grandparents in Kansas.

Police Chief Paul Stark is aware of Josie's past, something about the haunting woman calls to him. Paul has never been able to move past the death the love of his life, but being around Josie has him questioning if it maybe time.

When Josie's husband is killed in a car crash, she is ready to move on, but something tells her that it may not be that easy. She still feels his presence and the only time she feels safe is in Paul's arms, but Paul keeps pushing her away not wanting to hurt her. Will Paul be too late when realizes that the only way to move on is with Josie by his side.

Overall an intriguing tale, but it did drag a bit in the beginning for me. I really liked Paul Stark, he is haunted by his past and in a way punishing himself over and over afraid of taking another risk again. Would definitely try another Kaylie Newell book again.

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