Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Edie Earns Her Saddle by Ava Mitchell

Edie Earns Her Saddle (Liebling, Texas 2)Edie Earns Her Saddle by Ava Mitchell
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Edie Bishop is a free spirit, who hopes that one day she can find what her best friend and co-owner of the B&B has with two men she loves.

SEAL Jason Chisolm doesn't know what to make of the prius owning hippie before him, he has never been tongue tied with a woman before but the luminous eyes and expressive face speaks to him like no other woman has.

Seth Chisolm has never seen his brother so flustered over a woman, and can't wait to meet her. It only takes one second to realize she is different, the brothers put a plan in motion to make sure she never forgets she is theirs. When an ex-lover comes to town though she causes ripples in a blossoming relationship with her conniving ways.

This was a reread for me, but I loved it. Extremely funny at times, Edie rambles with her thoughts and ideas, while Seth and Jason are cowboys and bar owners, both very dominant in their ways.

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