Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Theme Day: Mistaken Identities

Suddenly YouOne Kiss From You (Switching Places, #2)Cadence

  The Hired Hand by Melissa Schroeder
The Hired HandMy rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marlow Smith just wanted to spend her thirtieth birthday alone and in her hotel room sleeping alone, instead her best friend has hijacked her clothes, hired a gigolo and left a hanky of a sleezy red dress and stilettos in her wake. Not wanting to be rude, Marlow decides that she must tell her gigolo she is canceling their "date".

Liam Campbell has never had a more perplexing come on, than the stunning beauty in the red dress is giving him, until he realizes she has mistaken him for a gigolo. Not wanting to waste the chemistry between them, Liam decides the best way to handle the situation is to seduce her, which he promptly does and they have a mind blowing night that Liam hopes will continue for a few more days, but when he wakes up with an empty bed and a tip, he realizes he left out that he was not a gigolo. Three months later and Liam has still not been able to forget the woman who rocked his world, imagine his surprise when he meets her at his new consulting job, sparks are about to fly.

Loved it, funny and warm all wrapped into one.

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  1. Hi Em,
    I added The Hired Hand to my TBR pile--It sounds so good!!! Thanks for sharing!! ;)