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From Rags by Suzanne Wright

From RagsFrom Rags by Suzanne Wright
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At fifteen Jaxxon Carter's life went from bad to worse. She had lost her mother years before when she committed suicide, her best friend and protector in her foster home left promising to come back, but never returned, and lastly her sister is walking out of her life leaving some biting words in her path. Alone Jaxxon learned the hard way how to protect herself and make a life for herself, even if it is living in squalor at least it's a life.

Years later Jaxxon is a waitress full of attitude when she is discovered and asked to model. Jaxxon never gave much thought about her curvaceous body or looks, she also knows that if an opportunity presents itself it is best to explore to see if anything may come of it. Now the it girl of modeling and one unlike any before, Jaxxon is the face of a new cosmetic company and highly sought after in every capacity. Jaxxon agreed to model but with that commitment she made it plain from day one she was not going to change who she is, she is blunt, hot tempered, and if she let's you in loyal to a fault.

Formula One Driver Connor McKenzie cannot believe after a break up from hell that he finds a magazine with Jaxxon on it. He regrets he had never fulfilled his promise of coming back to her, but he knew he wouldn't be able to walk away a second time and he made a vow long ago that he would never commit himself fully to another woman. Deciding to man up and seek Jaxxon out he is shocked by the her unwelcome reception when he sees her again, not to mention he decides in that moment he wants her. Jaxxon knows she can never have a relationship with Connor, but working each other out of their system seems like a perfect antidote for the two of them considering whenever they are in the same room they ignite like a wild fire in sexual tension.

Loved it. Can I just say I love this cover, love it. That alone had me eager to read this story. There is a lot to this story and it can be a bit raw at times but as you begin to understand the depth of each character you embrace what they have become. Jaxxon quickly has become one of my favorite characters she is one tough chick and had me smiling with the way she could get under Connor's skin. So glad to find a new author to read.

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  1. Awesome review, Em! I'll have to check this one out.