Friday, July 13, 2012

Judging A Book By It's Cover Results (#8)

This week I am choosing:

Lycan It (Lycan # 3)

Initial Thoughts:  Love the title, how fun is that.  The cover is eye catching and really like the sepia look.   Would assume it is a paranormal shiter story.

Results:  This was a bit darker than I thought, definitely shifter but more about rogue packs and mistreatment of mates.

Lycan It (Lycan # 3)Lycan It by S.K. Yule
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Janine Denton was looking forward to her three week vacation, until she was kidnapped and thrust into a clan of wild men. Raze Jackson is fed up with his pack and their brutal treatment towards women. Women who are destined to be mated carry two scents, one scent as a potential and the other scent only their true mate can smell. When Janine is used as punishment to Raze for trying to escape, Raze realizes she is his mate. The last thing he wants to do is the one thing his alpha is demanding, take her against her will.

Interesting story, it was a bit short and would have liked to have it more substantial. Raze is protecting Janine but they don't really have a chance to get to know one another before Janine is force to make a decision about becoming a mate. I did read these out of order so it could be that I should have read it before hand to fill in the gaps.

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  1. haha LOVE this! I am a total snob and I judge every book by its cover. It's a terrible habit of mien. But I only do it to books and not people! Thank goodness! lol I'm not sure that I'll pick this one up and read it anytime soon but awesome review!