Friday, July 20, 2012

Love Under Three Titans by Cara Covington

Love Under Three TitansLove Under Three Titans by Cara Covington
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Margaret "Maggie" Morrison moved to Lusty, Texas to be closer to her niece and her son. Never once in her life did she plan on marrying and having children of her own. A rigid upbringing left her self sufficient but lonely as well. The minute she came to Lusty she caught the eye of triplets Richard, Trevor, and Kevin Benedict who seem interested in pursuing her.

Richard never thought that he would find a woman to share with his brothers, there had never been who sparked an interest so they had always been singular in their pursuits. Maggie calls to him like no woman before and his brisk and often uncomfortable ways of expressing him seem to mesh with the beauty. Trevor can sense all of Maggie's emotions and feels in tuned with her in every way. Kevin the voyeur of the bunch likes to bring out Maggie's naughty side. Now all the three have to do is convince her that she can have it all, but before they do that they offer her a fun and games attachment so they don't scare her off, this could backfire though as her feelings for all three grow with every moment thy are together.

I don't know what to think on this one, there was a lot of stuff left out that gets hinted at. I think the one thing though is the only one you really get to know is Richard, which I would have liked to read more about Trevor who gets kind of lost in the story. Maggie is a contradiction, I liked it but was disappointed too.

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