Monday, July 30, 2012

Breathe by Kristen Ashley

Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4)Breathe by Kristen Ashley
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Chace Keaton had his life planned out and the woman he hoped to marry in sight until his father got caught doing something that would destroy everything. Protecting his family, he married a woman he hated and went along with the corrupted cops biding his time, until he had enough. Now his wife is dead and his guilt is irredeemable, but in the eyes of Carnal, they see him as a hero even if he does not.

Shy librarian Faye Goodknight has had the same crush since she was sixteen, Chace Keaton, although he doesn't know she exists. When Faye bumps into Chace, it is not the fantasy of friendship she hoped would result, instead he is curt and makes his opinion of her very clear. With plans to steer clear of Chace for well, forever, Faye finds she needs help from the police with finding a homeless boy who looks to be abused. Although the road is rocky, Chace realizes he can no longer stay away from Faye, he feels unworthy of her and all that she is willing to give of herself. She is everything good in life, while Chace feels he is the dirt she should walk on.

I loved this one, out of all of her books I found Faye the most relatable. I loved that she was a Serenity fan and found great humor in her tangents. Chace is another strong alpha male, but Faye although in the beginning is shy and awkward, matches him in every way. Another fantastic read.

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  1. I'm very excited to get to this book I'm just reading Lady luck at the moment before starting this.