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Racing With The Wind by Regan Walker Blog Tour and Giveaway


Racing With the Wind

The intrepid daughter of an earl leaves Regency London for the Parisian
court of Louis XVIII, where she finds adventure, mystery, and above all,

THE NIGHTHAWK Hugh Redgrave, marquess of Ormond, was
warned. Prinny had dubbed Lady Mary Campbell “the Swan,” but no
ordinary man could clip her wings. She was a bluestocking hellion, an illadvised
match by every account. Luckily, he sought no bride. His work lay
on the continent, where he’d become legend by stealing war secrets from
Boney. And yet, his memories of Lady Mary riding her stallion were a
thorn in his mind. He was the son of a duke and in the service of the
Prince Regent…and he would not be whole until he had won her hand.
THE SWAN It was unheard of for a Regency debutante to postpone her
first season, yet Lady Mary had done just that. Far more interested in
politics than a husband, she had no time for foolishness or frippery.
Already she had assisted her statesman uncle in Paris, and she swore to
return to the court of Louis XVIII no matter the danger. Like her black
stallion, Midnight, she would always run free. Only the truest heart would
race beside her.

About the Author
 Regan Walker's 

As a child, Regan loved to write stories, particularly about adventure-loving girls. But by the time she got to college, more serious pursuits were encouraged. One of her professors thought her suited to the profession of law. Regan says, “I became a lawyer because I thought it would be better to be a hammer than a nail.” Years of serving clients in private practice and several stints in high levels of government gave her a love of international travel and a feel for the demands of the "Crown" on its subjects. Hence, her first romance novels involve a demanding Prince Regent who thinks of his subjects as his private talent pool. Regan says her stories will always involve adventure as well as love.

Regan lives in San Diego with her Golden Retriever, Link, who she says inspires her every day to relax and smell the roses.

Regan Walker

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Lady Mary Campbell is not your ordinary lady coming out into society, she is intelligent and can match any mans wits, has a will of her own and if she had her way would do away with her introduction to the season.   With her first entrance she makes heads turns and quickly becomes known as outspoken and untameable, it does not however stop the single gentlemen from taking notice of the beauty she bestows and the desire to get to know her closer.

Hugh Redgrave, the Marquess of Ormond, had been warned but the man also secretly known as the "Nighthawk" had to see for himself if Lady Mary was as intriguing as she sounded.  With an unsettling first meeting with the minx, Hugh finds himself wary of meeting her again, after all he does not want to get married anytime soon and when he is in her company, he finds himself thinking along that line.  When Lady Mary becomes embroiled in discovering a double agent working both sides of the war, Hugh ends up not only trying to protect her but trying to keep her far away from her other suitors.

Thoroughly enjoyable story, Racing With The Wind had a spark of humor, bit of intrigue, and a sensuous cat and mouse dance between the notorious rake, Hugh and the alluring but determined Lady Mary.  I enjoyed that Mary does not expect more from Hugh than who she knows he is, it really set the tone and left her character completely believable as a bluestocking hellion.  Loved it, would definitely reread and  pick up the next in what I hope is a new series.

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  1. Thanks so much for the chance to win. This is a new author and book for me. Sounds so good, can't wait to read. Have a great day!!