Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Deadly Love by Jannine Gallant

A Deadly LoveA Deadly Love by Jannine Gallant
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Nursing a broken heart Brooke Wakefield moves to her grandmother’s home in the Redwood forest for a fresh beginning. Brooke had always felt a sense of calm when visiting her grandmother as a kid, not to mention her major crush on neighbor Dillon Tremayne was an added highlight of each trip.

Dillon does not want any attachments, he already has enough on his plate as a single father and having a grandfather who has his own set of quirks is enough to deal with. Although when Brooke moves in next door, Dillon is tempted by the sweet tempered and often hilarious neighbor. Everything about Brooke has him on edge, he wants to start something with her but without any strings, Brooke though is not sure she can settle with a fling without having her emotions heavily involved.

When women begin to disappear and bodies are discovered, it looks like the women in town are not safe. Dillon wants to protect Brooke, especially when two women from his past end up missing and one is found dead. Will Dillon realize that life with Brooke is worth the effort or will she become the next victim before he figures it out?

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