Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Making chase by Lauren Dane

Making Chase (Chase Brothers, #4)Making Chase by Lauren Dane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Matt Chase is used to having an easy life, with his good looks and career as a firefighter the women flock to him like bees to honey, but lately he feels an emptiness he can't explain. With the other three Chase brothers married and having children, Matt is realizing it is becoming more glaring that the women he has been dating are hollow an do not see past his name and his looks. When he meets Tate Murphy after she has been hit by a car, he is stunned when she sends him cookies to thank him, he thinks he has died and gone to heaven, why not go introduce himself to his neighbor who had never given a second glance to before.

Tate knows she is completely opposite of the women that Matt has spent his time with, she is short and fluffy and from the wrong side of the tracks. Tate has worked hard to raise her siblings and provide for them a safe and loving lifestyle for them. When Matt finds ways to insert himself in her life, Tate's initial reaction is to try and push him away but Matt is in it for the long haul and despite Tate's insecurities he plans to help breakdown the barriers she has surrounded herself with.

This was my second favorite in the series, I was totally absorbed by Tate she is a fighter and an inspiration. The only ding would be the abrupt ending, I wanted more...

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  1. This is the second fave of mine in the series also. Shane and Cassie are my fave. I loved them in Alone Time but I wanted so much more!!! Love this series~one of may all time favorites. Always find myself rereading!!! :)