Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Finally HomeFinally Home by Helen Scott Taylor
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In a moment of clarity, Jack Summers realizes he cannot go through with the wedding he is about to have. When his bride to be demands to know why and who has caused the change of heart, his only excuse is he has fallen in love with Melanie Marshall, his employee at Greyfrair House Hotel. Jack doesn’t know why he conjured up the single mom’s name, but once the thought crossed his mind he warms to the idea of getting to know her and her son.

Melanie fled her home five years ago with her son after being cast out thanks to her dead husbands sin. Wanting to recreate a life that will bring no harm to her son, she has created a fragile bubble around them never getting to close to others and never trusting another man. When Jack suggests they explore what is between them, it is met with reluctance but her son’s obvious need for a male role model has her agreeing but as their friendship becomes something more, Jack persists with wanting to know what is behind those haunted shadows in her eyes,will she be able to leave the past behind in order to have a future?

Thoroughly enjoyable story, I thought Jack was charming and patient with Melanie. I thought the story was plausible in every aspect and the twist to Melanie’s back story, I had not seen this done before and thought it was refreshing to read. Would definitely pick up more of Helen Scott Taylor’s books.

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