Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Midnight Call by Keyonna Davis

Midnight CallMidnight Call by Keyonna Davis
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Walking away from her wealthy family to create a life that is hers and hers alone, Nadia Cassidy never figured it would be as a Nanny to three men who are raising a baby.

Jackson Burrows had not seen his sister in years, but when the call came from he hospital he finds that he has lost his sister and gained a newborn baby. Best friends and roommates Greg Ballantyne and Steve Dalaney have been by Jackson's side since they were kids, they have every plan to do the same now, after all babies need all love they can get. When they hire inexperienced nanny Nadia, they feel their lives have changed, all three men want her but are unwilling to ruin their friendship to cross that line. They come up with a creative way of solving the problem, that is as long as Nadia is willing to accept all three men as her lovers.

I thought this had a fun base story, but you never get to know Greg at all. You get Steve a lot who is shy and geeky and Jackson who is the babies true Uncle, but Greg you hardly have in the story which left it a bit empty. Quick read, but missing a key piece in the end.

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