Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August: Hot Covers

Operation: Spank MeOperation: Spank Me by Christina James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lieutenant Finn Coleman has always lived his life by the strict code of the military, when he started talking to cyber pen pal Emma Shield he knew that he had to meet her one day. Finn is smarter than Emma gives him credit for, she is far to intelligent to be the campy persona she has created as her profile and after months of insistence asking for a picture he finally decides to make good on his promise, to spank her butt when he sees her.

Emma cannot believe how attached she has become to the mysterious Finn Coleman, she has revealed her inner desires that she had only read about in her erotic novels, knowing they would never meet what would be the harm in expressing them. That is all about to change when Finn shows up on her doorstep, but Emma is never one to back out of a direct challenge, she is about to up her game and has found a worthy opponent.

Wow, not a major descriptive word but this blew my socks off. I flushed, giggled, and just was completely in rapture by this book. Fantastic read.

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