Friday, August 24, 2012

Illeanna by Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Illeanna (Orchidea: Love on the Bayou, #2)Illeanna by Dixie Lynn Dwyer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chef Illeanna Aubert wants to focus on her career, rather than the romantic pursuit of the Boudoux men who seem to be bumping into her on a more regular basis. When a gunman shows up in her restaurant and holds her hostage, the Boudoux brothers have had enough.

Franco, Gustave, Julien, and Johnny are tired of waiting, they know Illeanna is the one for them, but her stubborn ways have put her in danger. As she continues to finds ways to avoid them, she is attacked in the middle of the night. Enough is enough, the men bring her to their home where they intend to keep her as well as prove to her that they are worthy of everything she has to offer.

I liked this one the best so far in the series. Franco commands the room, but Gustave is the silent one whose tenderness makes him an instant favorite.

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