Friday, August 10, 2012

Chased by Lauren Dane

Chased (Chase Brothers, #3)Chased by Lauren Dane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Walking in on her boyfriend with another woman set into motion a turn of life changing events for Liv Davis. Having been burned more than once with choosing the wrong men who either are happy with where they are at or untrustworthy, Liv decided the next man in her life is going to be the one who can give her stability and the family she so desperately wants.

Marc Chase has been friends with Liv for years, but lately he can't seem to keep his mind from wondering what if? When a scorching kiss knocks him off kilter he decides he wants more than a sampling, Liv though has no interest in a repeat performance since she sees Marc as a player and his younger age has her rebuffing his efforts to give their relationship a try. What else can Marc do, he decides he is going to woo her in Chase fashion, but Liv has to let go of her hangups before they can take the next step.

This was a fun one, I did get a bit tired of Liv though she had this wall that she just was not letting go of and I felt sorry for Marc while she was this way because he couldn't get through to her. Otherwise the story was entertaining, Shane's story is still my favorite.

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