Sunday, August 26, 2012

Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright

Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, # 1)Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright
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Latent wolf, Taryn Warner is trying to find a way out of a forced mating, but her father won't listen because he is more concerned about an alliance and the pack thinks she is crazy to have any objections about her future mate. When she is brought in front of Pack leader Trey Coleman, under the most unorthodox fashion, he has a bargain for her. They act as true mates, which would override the mating she is being forced to take and in return Taryn helps him get an alliance of his own. The deal is for three months and they both agree not to initiate the mating bond so they can walk away when they are done.

Trey didn't know what to expect when he planned on meeting Taryn, but the small sprite with enough sass to leave others shaking in her wake, was not it. Both Alpha wolfs, Taryn and Trey find the attraction is unquestionable, but Trey has a reputation of turning feral when he shifts and Taryn sees no reason why she can't calm his inner wolf while they are together causing Trey to question how deep he is going to let himself fall for his temporary mate.

Holy moly, this was a fantastic story and I was unable to put it down. I wasn't sure how the crossover from contemporary to paranormal would work for this author, but boy does it. It had several surprises and I liked that Taryn stays true to her character throughout it all. Trey does as well, it is a remarkable story and instant shifter favorite for me.

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  1. thanks for the review! I am always on the lookout for a good werewolf story.