Saturday, August 4, 2012

Arctic Shift by Lissa Matthews

Arctic Shift (Denali Heat, #1)Arctic Shift by Lissa Matthews
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ruby just wants to figure out why her sister fell off the radar. Leaving Chicago and coming to Denali, Alaska is the last place she wants to be but if it gives her answers then she will do it. Waking up in bed to a naked Adonis was not part of the plan though, even though she would like to cozy up and have her wicked way with him her sister comes first.

Carson knew that Ruby was his mate the minute her sister Melanie showed him her picture. He has been waiting anxiously to meet her especially since he began to dream about her. Worried that she is going to run when she finds out he is a shifter, he is confused when she doesn't balk instead she has a ton of questions she wants answers too. How is he going to convince her she is his mate, if all they do is talk, time to get creative.

I thought the overall concept was a lot of fun, loved the beginning thought it was a hoot. It got a little muddled towards the end though because Ruby is a thinker and was confused on if she could commit to Carson. I am going to read the next one though and see what happens with this series.

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