Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I spent the bulk of the weekend watching movies and reading.  Pretty quiet weekend for me.

Second time I have seen this and still think it is a hoot.

Pretty good, had one scene I could have done without but overall happy with film.

I was thinking when I watched this last night that even though the film is older, it is not overly dated.  Yes, the outfits are not what we wear now but the film is fantastic no matter what.

Was not good at all, very disappointed.

Books read, reviews posted
The Power and the Glory by Kimberly Lang
Love Slave to a Sicilian Billionaire by Jan Bowles
A Shot in the Dark by Christine d'Abo
Cedar Bluff's Most Eligible Bachelor by Lara Iding
Bastien by Tianna Xander


  1. I really enjoyed "Breaking Dawn" - it was worth the wait.

  2. I'm still coming down from a "Breaking Dawn" high, lol :)