Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Prince and the Single Mom by Morgan Ashbury

The Prince and the Single Mom (Magic & Love #1)The Prince and the Single Mom by Morgan Ashbury
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Catharine Jones has burned before by a smooth talking man, left pregnant with a child she would not have made it if not for the support of her mother and the gift of her son. On vacation in Boisdemer with her mother and son, she meets Phillip De La Croix, a pediatrician and youngest Prince in the kingdom.

Phillip's seductive inuendos and undenying attention towards her, has her struggling with the feelings of wanting something she could not possibly have. With the help of some fairy godmothers, she may just get her wish.

This is a classic retale of Cinderella with a twist. Her mother, Hannah has fallen for Alex while on vacation as well, but Alex hades a secret that could ruin everything. He has not been quite honest about who he really is, the King.

Sweet story, was a little predictable but fun never the less. I liked that the author wrote really two stories, and that Hannah is 48, finally an older woman and older man relationship, a refreshing topic for readers.

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