Monday, November 21, 2011

Kansas Heat by Jenny Penn

Kansas HeatKansas Heat by Jenny Penn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Knox, Jace, and Cody Reese are ready to move on with their life and find themselves a wife they can share who will be loyal, proper, and the epitome of what a good wife and mother should be. Working their way through a long list of candidates, Cody finds himself out of turn when Amanda Johnson bumps into him. Amanda had made the list at Jace's insistence, but neither Cody or Knox could figure out why.

Amanda is completely opposite of what they are looking for, with her sensual nature, her tough exterior, and a mouth on her that won't quit Cody is completely captivated. It doesn't take much time for Cody and Jace to realize she is the one, but convincing equally hard headed Knox proves to be harder than expected. Amanda never one to face down from a challenge wont cower to Knox whose brazen dislike of her only ignites a fiery passion between the two that wont go out.

I loved this book, it looks like their could possibly be a sequel to it but not 100% sure on that. Jenny Penn is one of my favorite authors, she always has a rollercoaster of a book with alpha male vs very strong natured women. Amanda is a bit hard but you get why that is, she is a fighter and above all more vulnerable than most. A fantastic read.

Reread 11/21, still a good read. Definitely sequel quality and my review remains the same. Jace is my favorite out of the men, he is more sensitive but it can flip if he is provoked.

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