Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No Bag Limit by Kaliana Cole

No Bag Limit (Liberty Springs, Wyoming 1)No Bag Limit by Kaliana Cole
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Three years ago Emma Duncan moved to Liberty Springs, Wyoming. Liberty Springs is an unconventional town, where people live without judgement towards their sexual preferences. Emma, who writes romance novels for a living has found more than enough material for her books, but all of her fantasies will remain on paper she learned long ago that expecting anything beyond that was pure delusion.

Ty Whelan knows there is passion in Emma, and he aims to find out just how much. His brothers Zach and Colby have been waiting for Ty to find the woman they could settle down with and from the first moment they meet Emma and are at the receiving end of her waspish tongue, they know they have found her. For three years they have been biding time, but time is up for Emma as Ty, Colby, and Zach have a plan to seduce, tantalize, and win her heart. What should be an easy formula for capturing her heart, is nothing but as they realize Emma has secrets and a stalker who will do anything to have her.

Loved this book, Kaliana Cole is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. The one thing I particularly liked in this book is that strong willed Emma is not a submissive and the Whelan boys are doms. They try and come close, but often she is equally determined to claim what she needs and it ignites the pages when she does.

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