Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Billionaire Maverick Bargains For A Wife by Paige Cameron

The Billionaire Maverick Bargains for a Wife (Wives for the Western Billionaires #3)The Billionaire Maverick Bargains for a Wife by Paige Cameron
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Angie McElvaine has been in hiding for the last 21 years, her mother did everything she possibly could to protect her when she was ten and now the time to live her own life has come. She has begun to shed the identity she has lived with finally blossoming into the woman she was meant to be. Now she has to find a temporary husband to fulfill the last thing she needs to have a full life, a baby.

Brent Terrell remembers the timid school teacher with brown hair and baggy clothes, but when he gets a look at the blond goddess with violet eyes he knows there is more to her story. When she speaks frankly about what she is wanting, Brent is floored that the woman he thought wouldn't have the back bone to bend a straw is feisty as hell and has just met her match. In order for his plan to work though he has to earn her trust, but Angie doesn't plan to fall for Brent so easily and fights him all the way.

Fun read. Exciting chemistry between Brent and Angie, had some really funny parts especially when Angie lays it out for Brent. My favorite in the series so far.

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