Thursday, November 7, 2013

An Inheritance of Shame by Kate Hewitt

An Inheritance of Shame (Sicily's Corretti Dynasty, #4)An Inheritance of Shame by Kate Hewitt
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Lucia had one night with the man she loved Angelo Corretti and that was met with tender memories as well as a haunted past. Angelo is back all these years later to seek revenge against the Corretti’s, the family that spurned him all those years ago. Acquiring one of their hotels is just another check in the list he plans to take over, but he had not expected to find Lucia working as a house maid for the family they both despised.

Lucia has her own reasons and years of pain has her rebelling against giving Angelo the answers he seeks. Angelo can have anything he wants and he wants a detached relationship with Lucia. Lucia still loves Angelo and although tempted, she wants more. Can a man who doesn’t know the first thing about love learn how to love?

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