Friday, November 8, 2013

Dusk With A Dangerous Duke by Alexandra Hawkins

Dusk with a Dangerous Duke (Lords of Vice, #6)Dusk with a Dangerous Duke by Alexandra Hawkins
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The Duke of Huntsley known as “Hunter”, knows the time has come to claim his bride. The marriage was arranged when they were children and Hunter has used the time since the announcement to sow any and all oats he could find. In order to keep his inheritance the wedding has to be done before Lady Grace Kearly’s twenty first birthday. Of course he has to find his bride first who seems to have acquired the act of disappearing every time he searches for her.

Lady Grace has heard all about her intended exploits, after all they are legendary. She has no doubt that this is not a love match and never will be, deciding that she would like to break the arrangement and find a more suitable husband on her own. When Hunter learns of her plan, he is perplexed, determined, and unsettled by the beauty who is to be his wife. Despite her demands, Hunter decides he will do what he does best, seduce his betrothed. Lady Grace though is not easily smitten and the more Hunter gets to know her, the more he is determined to keep her as his.

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