Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh by Ella Quinn

The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh (The Marriage Game, #2)The Secret Life of Miss Anna Marsh by Ella Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sebastian Rutherford is ready to settle down and childhood friend Anna Marsh is his intended bride to be, however Anna turns down his proposal leaving Sebastian stumped. He had always assumed they would end up marrying one another, they were friends and could have a comfortable life.

Anna has loved Sebastian since she was a child, but Anna holds a secret and is worried that Sebastian will be unable to accept what she has done by taking her brother's place in a smuggling group. What Anna does not expect is Sebastian's determination on winning her hand and that Sebastian has a few well kept secrets of his own.

Charming story, Anna initially tries to get Sebastian to run the other way by letting him spend as much time with her as he wants, feeling he will get bored and move on. It doesn't work. The story had a few surprises that leaves little crumbs into the next story, entertaining read.

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