Sunday, November 17, 2013

Commando Cowboys Seduce Their Mate by Paige Cameron

Commando Cowboys Seduce Their Woman (Wyoming Warriors, #3)Commando Cowboys Seduce Their Woman by Paige Cameron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ellen Simmons had been burnt once before by a man she had given her heart and soul too, but she will never trust so blindly again. With the feeling that someone is watching her, Ellen does something completely out of character, she presses the GPS bracelet that signals she needs help from the Commando Cowboys.

Sahale Connor has been watching Ellen, when her signal comes through he is there to protect her. He recognizes her as his mate, but her prickly demeanor has him realizing that their mating bond won't be completed anytime soon.

Jack Talisman knew Ellen was his met when he met her the last time she was in Wyoming. Now that Sahale has confirmed she is the one, they need a strategy to tear down those walls she seems intent on keeping in place. There is a threat though and they need to find out why Ellen is all the sudden a target.

I liked this one, had a couple of surprises I was not expecting. Ellen is blunt, which I love in a good female character. This was probably my favorite thus far from the series.

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