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Losing Control by Laramie Briscoe Blog Tour and Giveaway


Strip-club waitress.
Aspiring Teacher.
Friend of the Heaven Hill MC.

Bianca Hawks met Jagger Stone in the most embarrassing of ways. After watching him play music at Wet Wanda’s for months, she fell half naked into his arms after a drunken bout with a stripper pole and the back of a pick-up truck. Avoiding him and his killer smile no longer works when she needs her car repaired and he comes to her rescue. His request for payment comes in the form of date nights spent with just the two of them – away from both the strip club and the MC.

Tough guy with model good looks.
Talented musician.
Newly patched member of the Heaven Hill MC.

Jagger Stone only wanted two things – to be a patched member of the Heaven Hill MC and to get to know Bianca Hawks. One for two isn’t bad, but when her car breaks down and she’s left with no one else to help her, he plays the situation to his advantage. Over late nights driving up and down the interstate and nights in spent at her apartment, Jagger realizes that there is so much more to Bianca than he ever knew.

When her dream of becoming a school teacher is threatened by someone who wants her all to himself, the two of them are thrown into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. For the first time, Heaven Hill isn’t sure what they are up against or if they can keep their family safe. In times of danger, Bianca and Jagger know the only thing they can do is hold onto each other while trying not to admit they are losing control.

Non-Sexy Excerpt
Jagger stood behind the small brick building that housed Wet Wanda’s, smoking a cigarette. Usually, he liked to be inside the club, feeling the vibe of the crowd, but tonight he craved his own company. He still felt bad about what had transpired between him and Bianca that afternoon. Even though he’d managed to get a dinner once a week out of it, it still left a bad taste in his mouth that she refused help.

“Crowd’s gettin’ crazy in there. You need to hit the stage soon.”

He glanced up, noticing that Wanda herself had come out to greet him. His breath showed bright white in the night air as he exhaled deeply. “I’ll be in there in a few minutes,” he promised as he took the last drag off his cigarette.

His shoulders squared, he walked in and grabbed his guitar out of its case. Normally his show was rowdy, and it couldn’t be described as either rock or country. Tonight though he felt melancholy and wanted to project that to everyone who had come to see him. For some reason, he wanted to show a different side of the man they all thought they knew. Sitting down, he put his guitar across his knee and worked on warming up his fingers and voice before he hit the main stage.

He played the familiar chords to a song he’d written a few years before and softly sang the words, welcoming the feeling that came over his body. This was where he felt at home, when he had the weight of a guitar in his hands and on his knee. The back of a motorcycle was his freedom, but the stage was his salvation. Eyes closed, he continued with his warm-up until his hair prickled, and he knew that Bianca watched him.

Opening his eyes, he grinned at her, continuing to strum, making up a little song about her spying on him.

She couldn’t help the giggle that came up from deep in her belly or the blush that spread across her cheeks. “You’re silly.”

“Wow, you do have a sense of humor.”

“Every once in a while, so enjoy it while you got it.” She gave him her back, her hair flying towards him.

He caught the scent of raspberry vanilla shampoo and almost salivated. Everything about this woman drove him crazy. “You stayin’ for my show?” he asked.

“I’m workin’, so I’ll be here.”

“But will you be watching?” he asked, his fingers poised on the chords of the guitar, waiting to see what she would say.

She turned, her eyes twinkling. He loved it when he could see a bit of life there. When she was having fun. When for just a few moments she seemed to forget how serious she was supposed to be. “Maybe.”

Sexy Excerpt

“There’s that smile,” he told her, caressing her face as she smirked at him.

“What smile?” she asked, eyes clouded with her desire for him.

“The one that says we’re about to have a good time.”

He blocked her in, slapping one hand beside her hip and the other at the side of her head. “You think we’re about to have a good time?” She licked her lips, her gaze traveling down his body, stopping when she spotted the bulge at his zipper.

“Yeah, I think it’s gonna be a real good time.”

Reaching between their bodies, she put her hands at the buckle of his belt and felt around until she undid the hook and separated it. Even the sound of the metal coming apart made her body tingle. Without waiting, her fingers went to the button and loosened it before unzipping the pants, freeing him from the tight confines. Her small hand then cupped him, running along the prominent ridge in his boxer briefs. He hissed, throwing his head back as he thrust harder into her touch.

His hands left the door and went to her shirt, lifting it up and over her body, leaving her there in just her skirt and bra.

“Take off your panties,” he told her as he leaned down and lifted one breast out of the cup of her bra. One stayed encased while the nipple of the other went directly into his mouth. The difference in temperatures caused her breath to hitch. As she lifted her skirt and hooked the edges of her panties with her thumbs, she groaned.

“Is it always gonna be like this?” she whimpered.

“Out of control?” he asked, hooking his hands around her hips and pushing her against the cool door.

She nodded. “It’s always like we can’t get there fast enough.” She breathed deeply as he pushed inside her.

“One day we’ll slow down,” he promised, leaning his head against her shoulder.

Laramie Briscoe has loved romance novels since her grandmother gave her Dorothy Garlock's Tenderness as a teenager. It sparked a love of reading and writing that's manifested into the Heaven Hill Series.

An avid TV and movie enthusiast, a nail polish hoarder, an obsessive book reader, and a lover of all things that sparkle and glitter. She lives in South Central Kentucky with her husband and her cat.

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  1. Book looks really good!
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  2. Sometimes it's nice to try something other than the typical hero. To have a character who is a hero without even trying to be, a different type of hero. The anti-hero :)