Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hope Heals by Tymber Dalton

Hope HealsHope Heals by Tymber Dalton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Newly widowed Sarah finds the picturesque marriage she thought she had with her husband and son was all a lie. The betrayal runs deep and is raw, but for her sanity and the well being of her son she moves back to Florida with her dad to heal. Everything changes, her son Jason is smiling once again and she finds a comfortable friendship with her boss and neighbors Sam and Pete Hope.

Cousins Sam and Pete are both divorced and are hoping they find a special woman they can share. When they meet Sarah and her fragile vulnerability, they think she is the one but they do not want to rush her into something her heart is not ready for. Slow and steady, they court her but when her ex's mother continues to reap up her threats towards Sarah, they know there is no place they would rather be but by her side.

This was paced really well, I like that it wasn't love at first site or domineering men with Sarah. She had time to grow and refind herself Sam and Pete made their intentions known. If looking for a soft hearted read this one is perfect.

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