Friday, November 8, 2013

Private Practice by Samanthe Beck

Private PracticePrivate Practice by Samanthe Beck
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Dr. Ellie Swan takes a practical, thoroughly researched view on all things. That is why when she finds out her crush from high school is suddenly single and evidently the reason for the break up, he is too sexually adventurous. Ellie needs help and when the perfect opportunity shows up at her door needing her help, she strikes a bargain. Take the bullet out of his bum and he helps her become more adventurous in bed.

Tyler Longfoot knows he has a bit of a reputation as a bad boy, but it doesn’t mean he is a gigolo. However, Ellie has grown into a beautiful woman and he can’t help but be highly entertained by her drive to become a master in all things to do with sex. Ellie’s idea of research though includes a book with carefully detailed notes and that clashes with Tyler’s idea of living in the moment, but when Tyler realizes he has fallen for the woman who seems determined to be with someone else, he decides to up the ante and win her heart instead.

This was highly entertaining. Was laughing throughout. Ellie although highly intelligent is dumber than a rock when it comes to seeing what’s right in front of you. I felt for Tyler, especially when she brings out the book of instructions, how can you compete with The Wild Woman’s Guide to Sex and keep a straight face. Fantastic read.

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