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Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley

Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland, #1)Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley
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Seoafin "Finnie" Wilde desperately wanted another chance to see her parents again, unfortunately their demise when she was fifteen has left an empty feeling in her heart, she never had the chance to say goodbye. Finding out that there is a parallel universe where each person has a twin, Finnie sees a chance to see her parents again and perhaps be able to let go finally. If you were given the chance to recapture something you once lost, would you do it for one year of your life, no matter the cost? Finnie did.

The plan was simple, one year to be with her parents. Her parallel twin would come over to our world, while Finnie would venture to a world filled with magic, castles, and adventure. As the plan formed, the communication between the two twins increased they wrote a letter to one another informing them of everything they would need to know to pass for one another without raising to many eyebrows. The day came and Finnie's adventure began......

Of course best laid plans always have a few rumples along the way, Finnie, now a princess, immersed into the new world only to find she was to be married in ten minutes. No time for explanations her husband to be was handsome, but in no means happy about the union, his cool demeanor was evident. Now Finnie finds herself married who doesn't want her, thrust into a cabin that is filthy and all alone until her husband decides he wants to see her again. It looks like there were a few things that were left out of the letter, but an adventure Finnie will have.

So I thought, this will be the book that doesn't captivate me so much that I drop everything and read. Yes, I was looking for a flaw! I mean really can Kristen Ashley continue her works of perfection, really and this one I figured would be the one that had me struggling with since it is not what I would normally read. I was so wrong, needless to say, the house is a pit, there is laundry to do, and I need to eat something. I don't know how she does it, but she does. I absolutely loved Frey Drakkar, I was stunned by his reaction to Finnie initially but it all made sense later. Frey is of the blood of the dragon and frey, he is unlike many of her other characters because he does some questionable things along the way that you know Finnie of our world would disapprove of. You have a woman of our world enter into a realm that reminded me of medieval times/enchanted realm and the mixture is humorous and fascinating.

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