Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Savin' Me by Alannah Lynne

Savin' Me (Heat Wave, #1)Savin' Me by Alannah Lynne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kat Owens didn't know what made her agree to a one night stand, but when she met Erik Monteague fell into one full heartily. A year later she has moved to a new city, new job, and new start. The last thing she expected to see was her one night stand who would like a repeat performance or one or two...

Erik doesn't do relationships, the one he had ten years ago taught him a valuable lesson. Never put you heart out where it can get wounded, when he spent the one night with Kat he wanted something more from her. He is not sure what but he knows it can never lead down the path he knows she deserves, but when she is reluctant to have a fling it causes Erik to reflect and make an important decision.

I thought this was a wonderful read, the emotions were very real for both characters. Erik made a mistake in a heated moment when he was young and his guilt has ridden him since then. You sense he is afraid of what is developing between Kat and himself and it leaves him tormented on what to do. Kat though has always been trying to please her family and make them proud, when Erik is there for her in a time of need she finds herself falling deeply for him and is willing to take the time he needs to come to terms with his own feelings, but his ghosts cause him to panic and possibly lose everything he holds precious.

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