Sunday, October 14, 2012

12 Rounds by Lauren Hammond

12 Rounds12 Rounds by Lauren Hammond
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When Sean Reilly thought he had no other options, he committed a pledge to the Braithreachas Don Saol vowing his loyalty until his death. At seventeen he did not realize the extent of his pledge, nor that it would lead him to a life surrounded by drugs, death, and the seediest side of Cleveland. He did all this though and never spoke a complaint as long as it kept his sister Teagan safe.

Sean walks in on a man forcibly attacking a woman, all that inner rage he carries has found a victim to unleash his control on. That one act changes his life, now middle-weight boxing champion Sean is more fighter than drug runner, he has stepped back in the brotherhood but only because he is a bigger moneymaker as a fighter.

He recognizes the girl he rescued the minute she steps into his gym, the angelic beauty he has thought of often since that day. Hadlee Flax has struggled to find some normalcy since the day of her attack, but panic attacks hinder her progress. Her therapist suggests self defense classes which she is weary, when she sees Sean she finds herself curious about the brooding man.

Sean sees himself as everything bad where as Hadlee is everything pure. Despite his misgivings that he is no good for her, Sean can't seem to stay way.

Your drawn in right away, Sean is not the most likable of characters because of his harsh demeanor but once you learn more about him, he is hard to resist. Hadlee is a mess, she is trying so hard but her circumstances have left her with little support system. I loved this story, thought it was raw and seductive. This is the first in the series and has a cliffhanger ending.

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