Friday, October 19, 2012

Deadly Abandon by Kallie Lane

Deadly Abandon (Shadow Soldier #2)Deadly Abandon by Kallie Lane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Veterinarian Breanna McGill knew when one of her closest friends died that something was wrong, when her second friend dies and it is concluded a homicide she knows the two are tied together. Homicide cop Sullivan Sauvage gets called in on the death and is put on the offense when the local vet, Breanna gets right in his face during an investigation. As the investigation begins to unfold, it looks like a serial killer has been active for years and the deaths covered up, but he has set his eye on Breanna for his next victim.

Sully doesn’t do relationships, he is not the kind of man who can form commitment and he leads a hard life. Breanna drives Sully to the brink, he wants her but she is everything he should stay away from, she is a widower and mother needing someone stable. Sully walks a fine line with wanting a beginning with Breanna and protecting her from a determined serial killer, time is ticking and his patience is running out.

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