Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bound by an Angel by Mackenzie McKade

Bound by an Angel (Ties That Bind, #3)Bound by an Angel by Mackenzie McKade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tess moved her family to San Antonio, she did it with the knowledge that her own life would be temporarily on hold. She has enough on her plate as a choir teacher in a new school, her brother who is fighting going to college and staying and being the man of the house, and her twin sisters who could beat anyone if there was a contest for mischief makers. What she can’t afford right now is to be distracted from taking care of their needs and her sultry cowboy neighbor Clancy Wiseman is doing just that. Clancy is a walking sex magnet and his reputation for threesomes have certainly been a hot topic in the rumor mill.

Clancy knows he has a reputation, but he seeks out threesomes for the simple fact there are no emotions involved. He grew up in a home filled with abuse and he does not plan to continue the cycle. Every shield he has surrounded himself with comes crashing down though when he meets Tess. One wicked night has her touch seared into his skin, he wants something more from her but is worried he can’t show his true self to her without inevitably hurting her in the end.

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